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Artisculous Cupcakes, Art Request by Demon-catgirl Artisculous Cupcakes, Art Request :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 1 0 Dr Seuss Trading Cards by Demon-catgirl Dr Seuss Trading Cards :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 1 0 Gimli by Demon-catgirl Gimli :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 3 0 Nutcase by Demon-catgirl Nutcase :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 0 0 X-mas Sketches by Demon-catgirl X-mas Sketches :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 0 0 Work In Progress: Brothers by Demon-catgirl Work In Progress: Brothers :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 1 0
Bleak Winter, a retelling of Snow White.
        Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, there lived a king with his queen. Sadly, the royal marriage was not entirely a happy one. You see, the king had tired of his wife and had been cheating on her for years. But she, unsuspecting, carried on loving him.  
       One day the queen announced to her husband that she was bearing his child. The king, who had grown tired of women telling him this, was not excited in the least. But as the days went on, people began to predict that the royal child would be a boy. The king’s excitement mounted, until he was so pleased he felt his love for the queen return.
        When the time came for the baby to arrive, the king anxiously paced up and down in front of the place of birth all the wee hours of the morning. At last, one of the queen’s maids opened the door and informed his majesty that he was now the father of a baby girl.
:icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 1 2
Kagura's hair peice by Demon-catgirl Kagura's hair peice :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 0 0 Sketchbook cover, part three by Demon-catgirl Sketchbook cover, part three :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 0 0 Sketchbook cover, part two by Demon-catgirl Sketchbook cover, part two :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 0 0 Sketchbook cover, part one by Demon-catgirl Sketchbook cover, part one :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 2 0 Inuyasha bookmark by Demon-catgirl Inuyasha bookmark :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 1 0 School for Good and Evil bookmark by Demon-catgirl School for Good and Evil bookmark :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 8 0 School For Good And Evil crest by Demon-catgirl School For Good And Evil crest :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 6 1 My True Self by Demon-catgirl My True Self :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 5 0 Maiden in Green Gown by Demon-catgirl Maiden in Green Gown :icondemon-catgirl:Demon-catgirl 7 0

Random Favourites

A Thousand Generations - Inuyasha Fanfic
“A Thousand Generations”
In a specific railway car leading its passengers out of a certain town, a rather average looking teenage girl and a rather outlandishly dressed boy were making their way to an elderly relative's home. The girl, who was known as Kagome was trying her best not to laugh at her companion's mannerisms.
He really didn't like going on this trip.
"How did I end up going on this little journey again?"
"You didn't want to stay home to play video games with Souta, reason being, quote on quote 'Keh, damn buttons are too damn small for demon claws.' So you decided to come with me."
"Real great impression Kagome, real great. Damn I want out of this thing."
"Don't worry the subway ride won't be much longer. When we get to the station we can hike it to the edge of town you can run the rest of the way if you want."
That promise did ease the hanyou's nerves; only in the mildest sense mind you. He still didn't like all the contraptions of the future; the machin
:icondaphneshaggydoo:DaphneShaggyDoo 5 1
Katzen Blut Waltz by cici-chi Katzen Blut Waltz :iconcici-chi:cici-chi 1,068 58 Ghibli: The Cat Returns by jdesigns79 Ghibli: The Cat Returns :iconjdesigns79:jdesigns79 462 31 Whisper of the Heart by nako-2 Whisper of the Heart :iconnako-2:nako-2 241 24 Wolfblood by Sdoba Wolfblood :iconsdoba:Sdoba 51 16 Black Cat Clinging Earrings by KittyAzura Black Cat Clinging Earrings :iconkittyazura:KittyAzura 18,545 1,776 Clary by Patsie Clary :iconpatsie:Patsie 1,290 99 Clary Fray - Mortal Instrument by Patsie Clary Fray - Mortal Instrument :iconpatsie:Patsie 289 38 Downton Abbey Sisters Drawing by Live4ArtInLA Downton Abbey Sisters Drawing :iconlive4artinla:Live4ArtInLA 1,095 137 For Sale: Sesshomaru Heart Charms by BlackManaBurning For Sale: Sesshomaru Heart Charms :iconblackmanaburning:BlackManaBurning 111 21 TINTIN: Wrestle by Minyi TINTIN: Wrestle :iconminyi:Minyi 1,860 124 Wolfblood by CKArtpage Wolfblood :iconckartpage:CKArtpage 175 63 Queen Elizabeth and a Lion by jasminetoad Queen Elizabeth and a Lion :iconjasminetoad:jasminetoad 189 8 In the library by moussee In the library :iconmoussee:moussee 2,526 414 moomin family by jankjabberwock moomin family :iconjankjabberwock:jankjabberwock 191 75 INUYASHA by inuyasha11223 INUYASHA :iconinuyasha11223:inuyasha11223 1,054 60


-Answer the 13 questions that the person who tagged you asks you to answer and then write down 13 questions that you wanna ask the people that you tag.
- You need to tag 13 others.
- Don't answer in the comments! Please make a journal yourself
- If you don't finish this in a week you have to do something the tagger asks you to do.

I was tagged by the amazing :iconbunnlette::) (Smile)

First of I want to say, thanks for tagging me! I am going to have so much fun with this. Here's a link to where I was originally tagged:…. Now, down to business!
1. Have you ever gotten lost? [like, in a store or something]
Oh yeah, I got lost in a corn maze once. I was pretty little though. (Like seven or eight...)
2. What's something you say a lot? 
I call things exquisite a lot. I only know this because my friends tell me, I don't think I would have noticed otherwise.:D (Big Grin) 
3. Do you have any nicknames?
Yes, but they're really, really embarrassing. 
4. What is your favorite thing about DA?
The amazing art, the great fandoms, it's pretty much all around awesome. 
5. What is your least favorite thing about DA?
Some of the discussions that get started. Sometimes they get really heated, it's messy and awful. People should be able to express their own opinions, but not in a way that makes others feel bad.:( (Sad) 
6. Do you have any OC's?
I have a couple. My favourite is an elf called Ielenia Galanodel. 
7. If you could create your own holiday, what day would it be on and what would it celebrate?
Any date will work. And I'm thinking, cat day. Yes! Cat day! A day where we all get together to celebrate cats! Cats, cats, cats!Little Cat  free avatar 
8. Are you seeing someone currently?
9. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hmm, probably what I'm in a library and I see books being mistreated by visitors. Really anything in a library getting mistreated (furniture, books, electronics...) gets under my skin.:library: (I like library's, a lot.)
10. If you could meet one celebrity in real life, who would it be and why?
Malala Yousafzai, she's a hero of mine.
11. Have you ever done something REALLY embarrassing? If so, what was
it? :3
I was in a talent show once. I sang, but I was so nervous my voice came out shaky. So I restarted (which I shouldn't have done. I should have improvised). My voice still came out shaky! I felt like hiding... But my courage picked up as I went and the song ended well. Still, I was definitely embarrassed.
12. If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Blueberries. I love Blueberries.
13. If you could pass one worldwide law, what would it be and why?
I would outlaw war. If different country's had an argument they would have to fight it out in a video game. I can picture the headlines... Minecraft wins world war 3!

Now it's my turn to create some questions!

1. If you could only hear one song forever. (Every time a song was played all you could hear was your song.) What song would that be?

2. If you could fly, would you fly without the aid of wings (like superman,) or with the aid of wings? If you're answer was wings, describe them! What do your wings look like?

3. If you could have a tea party or lunch date with any real person. Living or deceased, who would it be?

4. If you could be in any book, which book would it be? Keep in mind that if you pick Harry Potter, there's no guarantee that you'd be a wizard! 

5. If you could have a super power what would it be, and would you use it for good or for evil?

6. If you could change your appearance in any way. Would you? And what would you change?

7. If you could change into any animal and back, whenever you wanted. What animal would that be?

8. Here's a hard one! Do you have a favourite book? If so, what is it?

9. If you could become any character and do exactly what they did in their respective tv show, movie, book. What character would you pick?

10. Do you have a hobby?

11. What is your biggest fear? (I personally don't like spiders.)

12. If you could be either a pirate or a ninja, which would you be?

13. If you could go back in time once, with the power to stop one bad thing from happening. What would you stop?

Those are my questions. Now to tag some people!
I can't think of the full thirteen people to tag though. So if I did' the tag you and you'd like to be tagged, let me know! If I did tag you and you'd rather not be tagged, also let me know. I'm sorry if I bothered you!

:iconwayleri: :iconstormhelen: :iconhaleymoore: :iconalbtraumdamon:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a fifteen year old artist who is still trying to develop her style. I try to experiment with different mediums, however I am much more confident with some than others. I have some stuff uploaded from when I started this account a few years back, and I think my style has improved since then. Some days I want to take some of the old stuff down, but it's probably better to have it all where I can keep track of my progress.


Her fearful symmetry by Tsvetka Her fearful symmetry :icontsvetka:Tsvetka 2,018 181 Nyanko-sensei || Natsume Yuujinchou by HideakiArtReal Nyanko-sensei || Natsume Yuujinchou :iconhideakiartreal:HideakiArtReal 70 10 Madame Blue by Hellobaby Madame Blue :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 12,481 451 In the library by moussee In the library :iconmoussee:moussee 2,526 414 Elizabeth, the golden age by AlexndraMirica Elizabeth, the golden age :iconalexndramirica:AlexndraMirica 433 174 Bald Eagle by CKArtpage Bald Eagle :iconckartpage:CKArtpage 26 10


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